Signs and Symbols

AMERICA B.C., Fell.  The first major work to penetrate the mysteries of ancient European inhabitants in America as far back as 800 B.C. Enhanced with over 100 photos and sketches.  Bibliography.
352 pp.  (SI115) $14.95

CODEBREAKER, Pincock.  The history of codes and ciphers, from the ancient Pharaohs to quantum cryptography, including the Beale ciphers. Cloth.
176 pp.  (SI119) $19.95

CODES, CIPHERS, AND SECRET WRITING, Gardner. Cryptography - the science of secret writing.  Cipher and decipher various codes including the Pigpen Cipher used by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.
96 pp. (SI109)  $4.95

CRYPTANALYSES, Gaines. A study of ciphers and their solutions.
237 pp.  (SI100) $8.95

DEATH TRAPS TO TREASURE, Kenworthy.  Coded and symbolic warning signs placed by the Spanish at the trap sites and on maps. Includes Spanish and Mexican mine traps, warning signs and symbols, floor death traps, sand release traps, archway traps, gold ore bait traps, gold room traps, sliding block traps plus lots more.  Large format, over 50 illustrations.
64 pp. (SI105)  $16.95

FOLLOWING THE LEGENDS: A GPS Guide to Utah’s Lost Mines and Hidden Treasures, Bascom. This compilation of legends, true stories, expert advice, and practical wisdom is ideal for both the curious and adventurous alike. Lots of signs and symbols. Numerous maps and photographs, large format.
227 pp.  (TR291) $29.95

HANDBOOK OF TREASURE SIGNS AND SYMBOLS, Carson.  A compiling of several out-of-print sign books, plus present day signs.  Animal signs, miscellaneous signs, Spanish signs, turtle signs, streams, snakes, arrows - are but a few of the signs illustrated and explained.
60 pp. (SI101)  $12.95

READING TREASURE MAP SIGNS AND SYMBOLS, Waite. Revised edition. An in-depth look at reading treasure maps symbol by symbol.  This book also proposes solutions for several well known Spanish treasure maps. Bibliography.
84 pp. (SI113)  $19.95

ROCK ART SYMBOLS OF THE GREATER SOUTHWEST, Patterson.  This field guide provides an interesting and innovative approach to the classification of rock art features of the Greater Southwest, and it will benefit both the novice and the professional.
256 pp.  (SI116) $17.50

TREASURE OF THE ANCIENTS, Shaffer. Recent discoveries of ancient writings in North America.
208 pp.  (SI107) $13.95

TREASURE SIGNS, SYMBOLS, SHADOW AND SUN SIGNS, Kenworthy.  The most complete study of Spanish treasure sign and symbols perhaps ever written.  It will no doubt become the backbone of every treasure hunter's library.  Extensive research in Mexico, Spain and the Vatican has provided information to give new meaning to Spanish treasure signs from their previous interpretations. Easy to read illustrations and text. Large format.
63 pp. (SI103)  $16.95

UNDERSTANDING TREASURE SIGNS AND SYMBOLS, Garrett. This book on early treasure signs and symbols marks the latest installment in Charles Garrett’s pocket-sized treasure hunting field guides.
72 pp. (SI120)  $3.95