THE ART OF THE PENDULUM, Eason.  Simple techniques to help you make decisions, find lost objects, and channel healing energies. Learn about the properties of different pendulums and how to choose the best one for your purposes.
131 pp.  (DW142) $14.95

THE DOWSERS GUIDE TO GOLD PROSPECTING, Stewart.  An age-old, proven method of finding gold and other precious metals.  The author outlines and explains the procedure in which both the dowsing instrument and the metal detector can be used jointly and profitably.
20 pp. ((DW138) $4.50

DOWSING FOR BEGINNERS, Webster.  Paperback edition of “The Art of Dowsing”.  You can easily locate gold, water, oil, artifacts, lost objects - even missing people - when you follow the simple instructions in this book.
198 pp.  (DW111) $13.95

DOWSING FOR TREASURE, Simmons. This book could be a gold mine for you.  There is enough information in this book for you to become a successful dowser without any costs other than a quality dowsing instrument.
92 pp. (DW139)  $20.00

THE DOWSING MANUAL, Stewart. Outlined are the basic concepts of dowsing both by print and illustration. It can serve as a guide for the beginning dowser and a reference for the more accomplished one. It is a "how-to" manual on all phases of dowsing.  Easy to read and follow, clearly illustrated.
71 pp. (DW102)  $11.95

THE ESSENTIAL DOWSING GUIDE, Wheatley. This comprehensive introduction explains what dowsing is and why anyone can do it. The book provides instruction on dowsing tools and usage.
117 pp.  (DW 144)  $12.00
THE EXTRA SENSITIVE PENDULUM, Jaegers. Complete, illustrated course in learning to use the pendulum as a psychic tool.
85 pp. (DW105)  $6.95

LITTLE "GENIE" KIT.  Let this marvelous pendulum help you tap your own mental agility and probe deep into your own psychic...for those who "play the numbers" - - - Keno, Lottery, Roulette, Bingo, horse racing, dog racing, etc. This unique and easy to use system is a universal concept and can be used anywhere.  Develop a winning way.  Kit comes complete with pendulum, lucky numbers chart and complete, easy to use instructions.
(DW134)  $10.95

MAP DOWSING, Cameron.  This booklet is the most authentic book in print today on map or distance dowsing.
40 pp. (DW108)  $10.25

OIL LOCATING, Cameron. The author, acclaimed for his outstanding dowsing abilities, has located many high-producing oil and water wells, both within the USA and abroad.   Mr. Cameron developed a score of unique locating instruments.  Hundreds of these tools are used to locate the presence of subsurface oil supplies throughout the world today.
35 pp. (DW110)  $10.25

PENDULUM MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS, Webster. The author explains how to use a pendulum for a wide range of purposes from practical to magical.
218 pp.  (DW143) $13.95

PENDULUM POWER, Jaegers. How to use your pendulum for dowsing, finding and locations. 41 page booklet.
(DW112)  $4.95

"PROFESSIONAL" DOWSING COURSE FOR BEGINNING DOWSERS, Stewart.  This little booklet details 100 easy steps to becoming a successful dowser.  If you have the desire to learn to dowse, this course will teach you.
(DW113)  $5.50

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TREASURE DOWSING, Cox. What does it take to be a successful dowser? The author says what is needed is a combination, or blending, of the objective or reasoning and the subjective or intuition, with an emphasis on the latter. You have to combine the two to be successful.  This book offers valuable tips for both amateur and professional treasure hunters who would like to explore the area of dowsing.
91 pp. (DW114)  $14.50

TECHNIQUES OF PENDULUM DOWSING, Cox. Booklet devoted to the various applications of a pendulum.
38 pp. (DW117)  $12.50

TECHNIQUES OF SWING ROD DOWSING, Cox.  Booklet devoted to the operation of the various types of swing-rods and their application to dowsing.
36 pp. (DW118)  $12.50

TREASURES FOUND BY MAP DOWSING, Stewart. Documented personal stories of treasure found by the use of map dowsing.
43 pp. (DW119)  $6.50


"DANCING"  Conical Pendulum. Available in two sizes, these new pendulums are more or less an exclusive in the field.  Made of solid brass, they are hand lathed into their shape for true precision.  Top workmanship.  Suspended from 5" chain.  You will not be disappointed.  Nowhere else will you find such a value and quality for the price.  Made by a dowser, for dowsers.

   Small - 1/2 oz., 1 1/8" long
   (DW132)  $20.00

   Large - 1 oz., 1 ¾" long
   (DW133)  $25.00
Pixie Pocket Size MINI PENDULUM. Fine-point, metal.
(DW121)  $6.00

Needlepoint MAP DOWSING Pendulum.
(DW122)  $15.00

FINEPOINT CRYSTALLINE Pendulum.  Lightweight, hand machined of Lucite crystalline, it offers freedom from energy field resistance of "blocking".
(DW123)  $7.00

BIOTRONIC LOCATOR PENDULUM KIT.  Hollow pendulum with threaded cartridge. Testing and training instructional booklet.
(DW124)  $25.00

* RODS *

MINI "L" RODS. These are some of the easiest to use small size "L" rods around. Matched pair.  The handles are large enough to be easily grasped and the vinyl sleeve surrounding the handle creates an area for smooth movement when the rod becomes active.
(DW130)  9” Copper $16.95 per pair
(DW131)  12” Brass $16.95 per pair